Discover beautiful & amazing Colombia

Safe travel

Make sure you are safe during your trip in Colombia. Here are some tips:

Taxi safety in Colombia

  • Always call a taxi cab by phone or use the official taxi company at designated places
  • Do not allow yourself to be picked up by a taxi driver or company that approaches you
  • Do not hail a taxi on the street
  • Every taxi driver needs to have an ID form placed visible in the vehicle and it should match the driver. Do not accept another driver or a car that is not an official taxi.

Walking at night

Do not walk at night in any neighborhood except very touristic and busy areas. Even quiet neighborhoods can be dangerous at night. As a tourist in Colombia you are usually easily recognized as a tourist, making you a possible target for theft or other criminality. During the day most areas in Colombia are safe, except the poor neighborhoods. It is not accepted that tourists or even Colombians that do not live in the neighborhood visit such a poor area. People do not want to be treated as a tourist attraction.

More tips

  • Stay polite but don’t accept any flyers or products from strangers
  • Do not show any electronics or money in any public place
  • Keep your smartphone in your pocket or purse
  • Make sure you have your money and your cards separate in case you lose one or the other
  • If you get threatened and are asked to surrender your belongings, comply and stay calm. Remember that thieves are also nervous and can react unexpectedly or overreact if you do not comply or make a fuzz. Things are just things and your travel insurance will pay for the stolen products. Don’t try to be a hero.