Discover beautiful & amazing Colombia


Nature in Colombia is simply beautiful. And of course, as you would expect in such a big country, it is very diverse. There are the mountains, the plains, the Amazon river and the different kinds of forests. All these areas have different wild life, vegetation and each has an unique scenery.

Natural Parks

All over Colombia you will find national natural parks. These parks are protected and maintained to guarantee wildlife prosperity. Most of these areas are open to the public.


Amazonia is the most southern region of Colombia, covered by over 400,000 square kilometers of trees. That’s a bit more than a third of the country. Because the jungle is hard to trafel through, it is sparsely¬†populated.¬†It has an incredible diversity in plants, animals and natural scenery. Some areas have never been touched by humans and others are populated by indigenous people. The Amazon river flows through Amazonia and is home to many kinds of fish, capibara, crocodiles, otters and the famous pink river dolphins.