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Leticia is a small Colombian town of approximately 38,000 inhabitants. It can be found on the north bank of the Amazon River and is the capital of the state of Amazonas. It is also the most southern Colombian town. Leticia is the only major port from Colombia to the Amazon river. Almost everyone that wants to travel to or on the Amazon river from Colombia will have to pass through Leticia.

Leticia is the perfect base for eco-tourism activities. Bird watching, safari’s and trips on the Amazon river can all be arranged in Leticia. Many Colombian biologists will have a field trip to Leticia to study or research wildlife and flora in the Amazon region. From Leticia the Amacayacu National Park can be visited, this park consists of rain forest and is well protected.

Leticia is a small town, but because of its location and tourism it has a lot more facilities than expected. It’s public facilities include an airport, a 3-level hospital, ok internet connectivity and good telephone communication. Hostels and hotels are also not hard to find.